Mom Endeavors- Review of basq's "It's A Small World" Line!

Brooke Ditlow - Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sara Wellensek wrote a great review of basq's "It's A Small World" Line:

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Disney’s It’s A Small World by basq {Skincare Products for Moms & Kids}

There is some­thing mag­i­cal about Disney’s “It’s a Small World”, espe­cially when seen through the eyes of a child! We just expe­ri­enced that last week as Lit­tle Brother wanted to do the ride “one more” each time we got off & Big Brother eagerly sang along!

And, recently, I’ve been expe­ri­enc­ing some dif­fer­ent “It’s a Small World” magic of my own. Instead of the ride, it’s a fab­u­lous mom  child skin­care line from basq in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Disney!

(From the site:)“This line depicts the unique bond of mother and child and the shared con­nec­tions of moms world­wide. From bet­ter sleep to but­tery smooth skin, this line gives moms tools to care and touch smartly and beau­ti­fully dur­ing preg­nancy and with baby. The prod­ucts are gen­uinely global as the ingre­di­ents cap­ture the fine skin care ele­ments from cul­tures around the world. Trusted ingre­di­ents, rich tex­tures and del­i­cate aro­mas per­fect for you and baby to enjoy!


I absolutely love these basq prod­ucts!! With some mild laven­der scents, they are all so calm­ing and sooth­ing! After all of the crazi­ness from last week’s Dis­ney #Cars­Land trip (includ­ing LOTS of walk­ing & stand­ing), the calm­ing oil made for a won­der­ful (and much needed) foot & leg mas­sage!! Of course, the Touch Body But­ter feels great anytime–especially on the con­tin­u­ally stretch­ing tummy skin. And, I think the Dream Sleep Mist is so nice in the evenings–especially if you take a night­time shower & spray a bit on after.

But, the thing I think is so unique and extra great about these basq prod­ucts is that they are not only safe for moms (includ­ing preg­nant mamas), but are safe for lit­tle ones too! In fact, on almost all of the prod­ucts, there are direc­tions specif­i­cally geared toward moms, expec­tant moms, and lit­tle ones. In addi­tion, the prod­ucts are all made in the U.S.A and hypoal­ler­genic, plus paraben, phtha­late and ani­mal test­ing free!


Review of basq/Disney's "It's A Small World" Loving Touch Kit

Brooke Ditlow - Monday, June 18, 2012

Double Giveaway – basq’s Disney Loving Touch Gift Set!
- by Mitch Chaitin, Gay NYC Dad

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From basq’s Disney collaboration comes the It’s a Small World collection! And I have this dazzling gift set, which is perfect for every gifting occasion, to give away!. Perfect for expecting and new moms, this generous gift set has everything she needs for herself and her little one. All of the nurturing “It’s a Small World” products in one gorgeous set featuring the iconic art work of Mary Blair. The jewel tones are highlighted by the shimmering gold underneath. The gold box can be used as a keep sake treasure box once opened, and babies love the bright glitter!!

Discount ahead! Use code GNYC20- for 20% off and! They have a great selection of items besides this wonderful giveaway!

Set includes:

8 oz TOUCH Body Butter; 4 oz DREAM Sleep Mist, 2 oz SHARE Calming Oil and 3 oz LOVE Cleansing Bar.

TOUCH Body Butter blends the best that Nature offers – Illipe, Jojoba and Shea butters plus nourishing oils for head to toe nurturing. Light Lavender aroma soothes and calms the senses for better rest and relaxation. Perfect for mom and baby to share.

DREAM Sleep Mist promotes calm, relaxation and better sleep. The gentle Lavender aroma creates an ideal environment for mom & little one to enjoy while they snuggle & bond. Perfect for soothing the senses, wonderful as part of your bedtime and rest routine.

SHARE Calming Oil is a wonderfully soothing oils that blends the calming effects of Lavender with the skin nourishing benefits of Omega Rich Sweet Almond Oil. Wonderful for soothing pulse points before sleep and massage as touch is true love.

LOVE cleansing bar comforts the skin as it cleanses. Milk Proteins replenish while nutrient rich Shea Butter nourishes the skin. Aloe Vera, rich in antioxidants, protects as Lavender gently soothes. Care for the skin with this natural blend for clean skin that is soft, smooth and nourished.

All basq products are Paraben, Phthalate and Animal Testing free.

basq and the It’s a Small World line celebrate the world’s children living under one sun & moon. Learn more about basq’s initiatives to help children around the world.

Super Beauty Rush Blog

Brooke Ditlow - Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Amanda Neil, from Super Beauty Rush , wrote the following review of basq's Cucumber Tea Eye Gel:


Super Beauty Rush

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Basq Soothing Eye Gel

Hiya Everyone! Here today to tell you about the Basq Soothing Cucumber Eye gel! I love this stuff, it has a cooling effect on your under eye area. I put this on before I go to bed at night and it makes my under eye area feel so much better! This is sort of a blueish green clear gel and you only need the tiniest bit! I have been using this for two weeks and have only used up what was in the cap when I opened it! A little goes a long way! In the jar it seems to have a thick consistency and it really doesn't, it just blends right into my under eye area and is not sticky at all. It has a Minty smell to it which I love and Basq was nice enough to give me a discount code for online shopping for my readers! The code is RUSH20 and it will expire at the end of July so use it while you can!!! I hope you enjoyed this and thanks for reading!
Amanda Neil

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