The Key to a Stretch Mark Free Belly = Prevention

Lauren Parisier - Monday, March 04, 2013

 Tips on How to Keep Your Body Mark Free for the Nine Month Stretch

By basq Co-Founder and Skin Care Expert Lauren Parisier

When it comes to stretch marks, we all want to know what (if anything) works. The real answer is that your skin may or may not mark – it varies by person. But, what you do to prevent them can make all the difference! Products can lessen stretch marks, but once you’ve got them they don’t go away. So prevention is key.

 What you do in the early months is critical – you want to support your skin and help it build collagen and elastin so it can stretch more and hopefully avoid breaking (which is what gives you the marks). It’s never too early to start. While stretch mark prevention isn’t instantly gratifying because you can’t see what would have been – it’s better than the alternative.

So, when your skin feels taut or dry or you just have a horrible case of the itchies, give your skin some attention. There are a few easy steps to dramatically improving your skin’s strength and stretch-ability.

Step 1: Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

We all know in facial care that anti-aging begins with exfoliation, but somehow we forget the body. Exfoliation does two things, first, it preps skin for better product absorption. The second, and more important benefit for stretch mark care is that it kick-starts your skin’s natural repair process. Our skin’s repair process naturally slows down after the age of 30. But when you sweep away dry, dead skin and you trigger renewal. New skin rising also means any damage is getting a quick fix.

But when it comes to exfoliating, not all polishes are created equal. Stay away from salt scrubs– they are drying which equals more damage. Many everyday scrubs have clary sage, rosemary and caffeine – these should be avoided in pregnancy. Loofahs and shower mitts can deliver exfoliation that is too hard, causing micro tears which harm skin instead of helping. We created basq Citrus Sugar Body Polish for pregnancy-safe exfoliation. The natural sugars gently smooth while rich oils and butters nourish. Focus on mark zones for best results: chest, belly, thighs and hips.

Step 2: Use Stretch Mark Ingredients Proven to Work

If you are lost in a sea of confusion when it comes to stretch mark creams and butters, my best piece of advice is to look for ingredients clinically proven to work. For real stretch mark care you need your products to work deep down — below surface moisture. When it comes to texture, greasy isn’t good. You don’t want products that sit on top and never absorb. Stretch marks happen well below the surface, so you need ingredients that your skin absorbs and uses to build collagen and elastin, which support strength. At basq, we spent a long time working on a butter that could blend the oils your skin wants and needs with ingredients proven to work. The core stretch mark ingredients in the basq – Advanced Stretch Mark Butter are Algesium C and Darutoside. Both have been proven in clinical testing to prevent and repair marks. Plus it contains omega rich Borage and Grapeseed oils and a rich Shea Butter base – it’s all you could want and need in a stretch mark butter!

Step 3: The All Over Stretch

Marks mostly happen on the chest, belly, hips and inner thighs but don’t forget the rest of your body. Everywhere else stretches which translates to saggy skin. For head to toe care, we love oils. Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t greasy and a little bit goes a long way. The basq – Resilient Body Oil has been an editor favorite and a best-seller. If you remain a devout butter user, the basq – Fragrance Free Illipe Butter is another fantastic option.

At basq, we have tried to make your stretch mark care easy and affordable. The 9 Month Stretch Kit includes a full size Advanced Stretch Mark Butter, 1 oz Resilient Oil for the all over stretch and a 4 oz Citrus Sugar Polish to exfoliate smartly. It’s all you need for mark free skin!