Ab-Tastic Meditation: Good For The Pre/Postnatal Body and Soul- By Jamie Wooten

Brooke Ditlow - Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ab-tastic Meditation: Good For The Pre/Postnatal Body And Soul

By Jaime Wooten, AFFA, CPT Prenatal/Postnatal Health and Fitness Educator


Meditation can be a wonderful tool to protect and repair your abdominal muscles during and after pregnancy.

The rectus muscle is like a zipper down the front of the body that naturally separates in almost all women during pregnancy.

 300 breaths a day (100 in the morning, afternoon, and evening) can calm the mind and keep the abs together.

 From a comfortable seated position, align the shoulders with the hips. Inhale and expand your chest. Exhale while you draw your navel to your spine. In essence, you are doing a seated abdominal crunch. The action is focused only in the belly. Release your big belly breath and repeat.

Ideally, you would be doing your breaths in a peaceful environment with your eyes closed, but moms don't always have that luxury. Try sitting up nice and tall during your commute while playing some calming music (but keep your eyes open!). Having trouble sleeping at night? Deep breathing can help to lull you back to a peaceful slumber.

Taking time to care for yourself as a mother is essential to finding balance in your life. Give meditation a try for the body and the soul.

Jaime Wooten, AFFA CPT blends her background as a mother to 4&6 year old girls and 17 years as a certified fitness professional to assist her clients through this unique time of their lives. You can reach her at Jaime@fitnessadvantagetrainer.com