Another Lover of basq!

Brooke Ditlow - Friday, April 06, 2012

We love hearing from the people who use our products! Recently Jacquelyn from New Berlin, WI wrote to use about our Advanced Stretch Mark Butter. This is what she said:

I was advised about this product in the early part of my pregnancy while shopping at Pea in a Pod. And now, I swear by it! Currently, I am 8 months pregnant and have yet to see one stretch mark on my ever expanding belly. I have told all of my girlfriends and pretty much anyone that will listen about how amazing this product is.

Another basq Lover!

Brooke Ditlow - Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another basq Lover! 

Thank you Jehda for sharing your story:

I was 17 weeks pregnant and my skin was inexplicably itchy. The doctors couldn't figure out why and I was flying through all sorts of products to relieve my itchy, dry skin. Thankfully, someone turned me on to Basq products and recommended I try their Citrus Sugar Body Polish, Illipe Body Butter, and the Calm Lavender Body Oil. I only wish they made larger quantities of these products because I've already used up both the body butter and the scrub! My skin has slowly returned to normal and I'm no longer itching like crazy.

-Jehda Honculada