Calling all Cupids

Meghan Wielebski - Monday, February 11, 2013
Calling all Cupids-to-Be!
By: Meghan Wielebski

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. In the past few weeks or months, surely lots of attention (deservingly so) has focused upon you and the wee one-to-be. What about the man in your life? Let him know that he will always be in your heart with these basq Super Picks designed just for him.

Sentimental Sweetie
Does your guy save ticket stubs from movies you have seen together? Does he have a framed ultrasound picture adorning his desk? This may be just what he would love.

Remember Special Moments with a completely customizable print. Include events such as your first date, a favorite concert, engagement and of course your wedding day! This is a gift that your children will enjoy looking at one day.

Chic Geek
Does your man feel more comfortable at a comic book convention than at a cocktail party? When the double lines appeared on the pregnancy test, was he quick to suggest the names Luke and Leia? This is just the gift for him.

A Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray. Your hubby will love reliving his favorite childhood flick as you make him his favorite beverage with Han Solo ice cubes. Bonus, if you are really feeling crafty you can make chocolate Han Solos or soap Han Solos with these same molds. It won't be long before these trays will be used by your kiddos for Han Solo popsicles during the summer. You will be the best wife in the galaxy. Let your man know that, "The Empire will compensate you if he melts". Trust us, he will know what it means. :-)

Sports Fanatic
Does your husband have a sport for every season? Is he already picking out jerseys for your son/daughter to be? This is the perfect gift for him.

A scoreboard desk clock designed to look just like the real team's scoreboard. Choose your love's favorite baseball or football team. This clock is perfect for any bedroom or office. One day, your child may even learn to tell time using it.

OutDoorsy Guy
Does your man prefer a sleeping bag to a sleep number bed? Does he dream of summiting Everest? This gift might be just his thing.

Solor-Powered Illuminating Waterbottle. This amazing bottle is the ultimate outdoor lovers multitasker. This BPA-free plastic bottle is perfect for carrying water, but the real twist is in the lid. The cap contains 4 ultra-bright LEDs and one red LED for night vision, along with a reflective lens that turns the bottle into a brilliant camp light. It is powered by a solar panel, so no batteries are needed! It won't be long before baby and Daddy will be having backyard campout with this to light their way.

Gift from mom and baby:
Has the baby already arrived? Would you like the gift to include him/her as well? Look no further:
This amazing print will be adored for years to come! Using your little one's foot prints, this artist will create a heart between the words I and you. On the right side it will read, "from the top of my head to the tips of my toes." What could be sweeter?

If your hubby is looking for hints or if you are treating yourself this Valentine’s Day, basq is offering a free polish with every order in February. A sweet treat that won't go to your hips.

Of course, no matter what gift you choose, remember you are already creating the greatest gift either of you will ever receive. May the two of you always love each other as much as you do today. Happy Valentine's Day!