Delicious Healthy Meals for Women on the Go: Fall Edition

Kelli Kenny - Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Delicious Healthy Meals for Women on the Go: Fall Edition- Brooke Ditlow

Finding Balance in Life and Pregnancy this Fall

It’s fall!  I love fall.  The air is crisp.  The beautiful colors of fall surround us and we no longer get overheated every time we go outside.  I also think it is a great time to evaluate our lives in that constant search for balance.  If you have a child at home who is in school or if you yourself are a student, you know what an exciting time the start of a new school year can be.  You have brand new school supplies, brand new clothes, a brand new schedule and a brand new chance to start fresh!

As the leaves change, this may be a great opportunity for some self evaluation.  How are you feeling right now?  Do you feel like you need a change?  Is there something that is making you feel out of balance or out of sync?  When the schedule changed at our house this year as my daughter started school, I realized that I had an amazing opportunity to start fresh.  I looked at my ridicules schedule and started weeding.  I tried to take out all of the things that I didn’t actually have to do and the things that I felt did not make my life more satisfying and more balanced.  This can be very difficult because it often means telling people “no”.  However, this time of year people tend to be a bit more understanding of schedule change.

Another reason that fall is absolutely my favorite time of year are the cold weather recipes!  I love the fresh food and grilling that come with summer but there is nothing like walking in the door at the end of the day to the smell of soup cooking in your kitchen.  I’m sure that when you hear the words Slow Cooker, many of you think of your grandma in her house coat.  However, if you do not currently use a slow cooker, imagine yourself walking into your house at the end of the day to the delicious smell of dinner already made.  Added bonus, the recipe that I am about to share with you is healthy! 

If you don’t have a slow cooker, you can pick one up at target for between $20.00-$40.00.  Then try out this great recipe from Disney Farmhouse Chicken and Garden Soup;16

I made this Creamy Farmhouse Chicken and Garden Soup for my family and they all loved it.  My 4 year old daughter is getting more and more difficult to please and even she loved this meal.  I loved the soup and I really loved that the crazy hours in my house, (4-6 o’clock) were calm and peaceful since I wasn’t scrambling to get dinner on the table!