Basq's Illipe Body Butter Wins Parent Tested Parent Approved Award!!!

Brooke Ditlow - Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Illipe Body Butter Fragrance Free
Product Description:
For those looking for a Fragrance Free option – basq’s same decadent Illipe Body Butter is available without fragrance. A beautiful, thick butter that fortifies skin from the inside out and a perfect way to fight stretch marks all over the body. This Triple Butter-Triple Oil blend works deep down for instant renewal and can easily be combined with basq’s new Aroma Oils for custom treatments depending upon your needs and mood. The luxe texture comes from the Illipe butter base, rich yet absorbs quickly and deeply like other butters can't- giving the skin super deep nourishment without a heavy, greasy feel. The skin gets a powerful blast of essential fatty acid rich oils that repair collagen and elastin damage that leads to loose, slack skin. While Rosehip, Grapeseed, and Borageseed Oils promote skin regeneration, improve circulation to fight cellulite, and fortify cell membranes for tightened, toned skin. Ideal for dry skin, firming and toning, stretch mark care. There's no such thing as too rich when it comes to gorgeous, glowing skin. Hide Text