basq Review

Brooke Ditlow - Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Basq Soothing Foot Relief Spa Set #Giveaway

In June, I set Groove, Move, and Improve goals for my holistic health and wellness journey as part of my involvement with the Simmworks Weight Loss Challenge (a group of bloggers banding together to create healthier lifestyles.)

 My Improve goals were to "Respect and find time/ways to enhance my outer self. Discover new ways to alleviate stress and encourage harmony."  To accomplish for June, I scheduled time for a pedicure (way fun and relaxing!) tried Yoga via DVD (a bit uncomfortable for this newbie, but refreshing,) and I focused on skin care and cleaning up my beauty routine (aka making room for beauty in the bathroom.)

In my journey towards better skin care and stress alleviation, I expanded my knowledge of the fabulous Basq product line.  Basq Cucumber Eye Gel, offering instant eye refreshment, was a quality product I already loved, so when I had the opportunity to try the Basq Rebalancing Facial Cleanser and the Basq Soothing Foot Relief Spa Set, I had very high hopes they would alleviate stress and encourage harmony for my health and beauty routine.

My hopes were well founded.  Both proved to be high quality, high performance products that have changed my outer self for the better! (And don't you just feel great when you know you are putting forth the best view of you?  I sure do!)

Basq Rebalancing Facial Cleanser on my sink

In a nutshell, the Basq Rebalancing Facial Cleanser exfoliates away damaged skin and prevents plugged and prominent pores, giving your skin a smoother finish. I found that this product makes my skin super soft, well hydrated, and well, simply happy and healthy.  I'm totally sold on it and for the first time, actually feel like I have a face cleanser product that truly does the job well! 

The Basq Soothing Foot Relief Spa Set is a total pampering product that offers an "instant fix" for your feet. The two step process includes incredible moisture enriched socks that replenish, smooth and revive feet followed by Basq Energizing Lotion (included in the set,) which is a cooling soothing lotion that revives and moisturizes tired feet and legs. Again, this product delivers as promised... When I went to get a pedicure, I was tickled to have the pampering, soft and hydrated skin, and super cute toes after, but I knew from experience by the end of my shower that night, all the soft hydration from the lotions would dissipate.  Fortunately, I had my Basq Soothing Foot Relief Spa Set ready to use that night and when I woke up in the morning and pulled the socks off, my feet were in even better condition (softer, smoother, fully hydrated) then they were after my pedicure- oh happy day!! And that was prior to finishing up with the Basq Engerizing Lotion, which cinched the deal and set me up for a terrific day of well pampered feetsies.

Whenever I need a lift, after a long hike or a summer fun day (like a visit to the zoo,) the Basq Soothing Foot Relief Spa Set is there to undo the stress of the day and get my feet in the dancing mood again.

I also found out that the Basq Energizing Lotion can be used to help with body aches, such as sore shoulders and backs, and doubles as a sunburn or hot flash relief, too. Gotta adore the versatility of this unique product.