The Dry Skin Cure

Kelli Kenny - Monday, October 25, 2010

The Dry Skin Cure

By Brooke Ditlow

                Is your skin starting to react to the change in season?  As the temperature drops, it can really do a number on our skin.  I live in a dry climate and the colder it gets outside, the worse my skin looks and feels.  It got to the point where I was putting on lotion several times a day and my hands were still cracking.  Luckily, I discovered a cure!  I started treating my hands to the following routine several times a week.  It has made a world of difference.

                Step 1- Wet hands and apply basq Citrus Body Polish.  Massage into hands and each finger in a circular motion.  This Citrus Polish is great because it exfoliates but it doesn’t dry out the skin.  It has Shea Butter and Essential Oils so it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.


Citrus Sugar Body Polish


                Step 2- Rinse and dry hands.

                Step 3- Apply basq Resilient Body Oil.  I fell in love with this oil when I was pregnant.  basq’s Resilient Body Oil provides amazing hydration without leaving skin feeling oily.  This oil sinks in very quickly and it has an amazing smell that makes me feel like I just left the spa.   


Resilient Body Oil


If your hands feel this good after using these products, imagine what it will do for the rest of your body!