WINNER - iParenting best product!

Lauren Parisier - Friday, January 01, 2010
We hear from you with letters, emails and sky high sales that our Rebalancing Face Cleanser is INCREDIBLE!  We are so thrilled that iParenting has given this must have it's prestigious Product of the Year Award. We were picked from thousdands of entries woth judges ranging from all ages to all skin types.  This is truly a product that women (and men) go crazy for because it works.  This is the product that really launched our line and has grown into an international success.

A little history - when basq co founder Lauren was working in skin science and first got pregnant - her skin felt the effects of those raging hormones. Let's face it, blemishes during pregnancy is really too much.  There is enough changing, having breakouts is just over the top. Being in a lab she began exploring safe, effective alternatives for her pregnancy related blemishes. Little did we know this personal passion would be the instant fame of the line.  Right after launching our cleanser it was spotlighted in Us Weekly with uber beautiful Heidi Klum.  Talk about great press - who wouldn't want her skin? This is one of our absolute favorites and the product where hear from customers about how great their skin looks and feels.  In just a few washings you can't believe the difference and there is nothing else out there like it. It really works to give that supermodel - just got a facial - glow and clarity. Thanks to iParenting Media!