basq Best Bets - Gorgeous Winter Skin

Lauren Parisier - Friday, January 15, 2010
The Holidays are over and we are all feeling winter.  From the cold air to heated rooms that leave you dry, we all need to hydrate inside and out! We've got just what the Dr ordered to feel great this Winter:  Lets face it - sizing clothes and picking a style can be exhausting and if your gifting someone who knows what she needs.  Here are a few fun ideas that will make her feel cozy this winter:

Illipe Butter -- this rich thick butter will sap that dry, itchy skin while the aroma is divine.  Her skin will feel like velvet - who could imagine she's battling stretch marks when something feels this good!

Spa Socks & Spa Gloves - Hands and feet take a beating in the cold weather!  Welcome to an instant cure -- cuticles never felt stronger and knuckles never felt softer.  For those dry heels, this is an sos that will make your feet feel like they went on vacation.

Citrus Sugar Polish  -  Time to slough away all that dry dull skin, while your at it give your shower and instant spa boost - you'll never want to come out!  Just remember, keep the water warm  -- those wonderful hot showers sap your skin's moisture.
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