basq signature resilient body oil base blends some of the finest oils available for full body toning and stretch mark care. This uplifting aroma is perfect when you feel exhausted or drained and want to revive. The Grapefruit Citrus oils help with swelling and improves circulation.

From Our Reviewer:

This oil smells sooo delicious! and works wonderfully.  Will boost your energy while supplying your skin with ingredients that help to bring healing and revitalization to every skin type.  Don't let if fool you when you hear 'oil'.  It absorbs quickly, so you are not left all slick and shiny like most oils.  This absorbs to begin healing and softening immediately.  Great to heal, tone and moisten skin and help with stretch marks from childbirth and weightloss.  I have been using it daily since it arrived and love everything about it, from the scent to the healing process I see in the dry skin areas.  Good Job, basq!