basq Body Try Me Pack

basq Body Try Me Pack
Price: $44.00

When you want it All!

Our three top picks for achieving toned, youthful looking skin -all in one convenient set and terrific value! A three step system you can't beat for jump starting new skin. Start with basq Citrus Sugar Body Polish to push damaged skin Up and Out, improve circulation to fight fat deposits and spongy skin, and nourish with Shea and rich Toning Oils. The Sugar exfoliation sweeps away dull, dead skin prompting cellular renewal and enables deeper absorption of nutrients. Follow with Resilient Body Oil for real skin toning - our oils have both astringent and fortifying properties. You really can't beat the skin nurturing properties of essential fatty rich oils to improve skin health, tone and appearance. Then layer basq Illipe Body Butter on top of Oil, or alternate usage day/night, for true skin nourishment. basq Illipe Body Oil is a Triple Butter Triple Oil blend works deep down for instant renewal.

basq resilient Body Oil is an editor favorite profiled in countless Best of Beauty guides including Pregnancy, W, OK!, Pregnancy and New Born, Child, Organic Spa, Celebrity Babies, Parents Expecting, Gloss plus several international publications.

basq Citrus Sugar Body Polish won a Reader's Choice Award from Pregnancy and Newborn - readers love the bounce back kits which is a super value kit that inlcudes the Citrus Sugar Polish.

Why It Works: Citrus Sugar Polish exfoliation keeps skin in a constant state of renewal and rejuvenation. Improves skin's health, appearance and tone. Circular massage breaks down fat deposits and improves circulation. Removes dry, dead skin on surface for better and deeper ingredient absorption. Rich Illipe Butter builds from the inside out for great skin texture. Shea Butter is particularly high in Essential Fatty Acids plus Vitamins A, E and F to nourish and tone. Jojoba Butter is an excellent moisturizer that locks moisture in and supports skin regeneration. Super rich Oils within the Polish and Butter work with Resilient Body Oils for incredible protection and improvement in skin texture.
Wheatgerm Oil improves circulation of blood in the skin which help fights cellulite and spongy skin.
Hazelnut, Sunflower and Sweet Almond Oil deeply nourish skin cells with their Essential Fatty Acids and naturally occurring Vitamins. Hazelnut Oil is also known to have astringent properties which tightens skin for better tone. Sweet Almond oil has the natural property of tightening sagging skin. Rosehip Oil contains Omega-6 & 3 which rebuild aging or damaged skin. Grapeseed Oil nourishes skin to keep it smooth and subtle. Plus its nutrients are easily absorbed where they fight free radicals and stop enzymes that destroy collagen, elastin and other connective tissue all causes of sagging, spongy skin. Due to its nourishing and detoxifying effects, Sesame Oil reinforces the body for skin regeneration and smoothes the skin for better tone.

Apply Citrus Sugar Polish in the shower and massage deeply into skin. Rinse.

Use Resilient Body Oil all over skin, massaging into trouble areas in circular motions.

Illipe Butter can be layered on top of oil or alternate use. Massage into skin.

Tone and Glow

Tone and Glow

Our two top picks for achieving toned, resilient skin -all in one convenient set and terrific value! A two step system you can't beat for preventing, repairing or replenishing from head to toe.